Maximizing Winter Savings: Strategies to Keep Customer Costs in Check

Even though the wholesale price of propane has dropped a bit lately, you’ve had to deal with higher costs for essentials such as tanks, vehicle maintenance, and salaries for your employees. The cost of delivering propane has also gone up due to inflation.

Last winter wasn’t very cold, but who knows what the upcoming winter has in store? It’s time to plan for that season, and there are a few things you need to consider to keep your customer costs competitive.

Communication is Key

When you pass on these extra costs to your customers, make sure to communicate openly with them. People are dealing with higher prices everywhere, so it’s important to explain why your prices might be higher than the wholesale rates they hear about. Also, talk to your employees so they understand why prices haven’t dropped significantly.

Efficiency is the Goal

To keep your costs down and still charge reasonable rates, focus on running your business efficiently. Here are some helpful steps:

Convert “Will Call” to “Keep Full”: Encourage customers to sign up for automatic deliveries instead of calling when they need more propane. This helps you plan deliveries more efficiently.

Customer Portal: If you don’t have one, set up a customer portal. This allows customers to pay bills, order service, and manage their accounts online, saving time for both them and your employees.

Tank Monitors: Install tank monitors to keep track of supply levels. This helps you manage your inventory better and gives customers peace of mind.

Maintenance Schedule: Get your vehicles and equipment serviced during the summer to avoid disruptions during the busy winter season.

Staffing: Consider hiring reliable part-time staff, like firefighters, to help during the winter season.

Email Communication: Use email to connect with customers. It’s cost-effective and efficient. Encourage customers to share their email addresses.

Social Media: Keep your social media accounts up-to-date with all the information customers might need.

Customer Programs: Offer budget payment plans. This can provide stability for both you and your customers.

Target Efficient Routes: Focus on areas where you can add customers without needing extra resources.

As winter approaches, it’s essential to plan ahead to keep your propane costs competitive. By running your business efficiently and communicating openly, you can navigate the challenges of fluctuating propane prices and maintain a successful operation.

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