Kiros Energy Marketing Secures Exclusive Propane Deal in Mississippi

At the Tallahatchie rail terminal in New Albany, Mississippi, Kiros Energy Marketing, a Calgary-based organization that specializes in the marketing of natural gas liquids and crude oil, has announced a significant agreement. As part of the multi-year agreement, which will take effect in September, Kiros will have sole control over the facility’s wholesale propane marketing, ensuring a consistent supply for nearby retailers.

The Tallahatchie terminal on Sam T. Barkley Drive has two truck-loading bays, a four-car offloading rack, and a significant propane storage capacity of 180,000 gallons. According to Kiros, this effective setup enables quick loading of transports in about 15 minutes.

Kiros will use its knowledge of North American supply and logistics and its established connections with producers, amid streamers, significant suppliers, and railways to guarantee a steady propane supply to the Tallahatchie terminal. The company plans to establish a presence in Tallahatchie to offer prompt, dependable, and reasonably priced propane services to the area.

Kiros Energy Marketing also helps move other natural gas liquids like butane, iso-butane, olefins, crude oil, condensate, and propane. The business provides its clients various services, such as risk management, hedging, and market-making operations.

This collaboration at the Tallahatchie rail terminal demonstrates Kiros Energy Marketing’s dedication to providing reliable propane solutions to its customers across North America.

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