Indiana Eases HOS Rules for Propane Transport

In response to Indiana’s unique needs this harvest season, the state has implemented a temporary relief from federal hours-of-service (HOS) regulations for motor carriers and drivers transporting propane. This exemption, effective until December 3, addresses the increased demand for propane, particularly for agricultural drying operations and heating.

The state’s corn harvest is experiencing delays this year, necessitating an extended use of propane for crop drying. Propane also provides heating to approximately half a million Indiana residents, including homes, businesses, and public buildings. The current situation in Indiana reveals that the demand for propane gas surpasses the available supply.

Indiana’s declaration highlights the urgency of the situation. “With propane distributors facing supply shortages, long queues at terminals, and transportation hurdles, relaxing certain HOS regulations is critical to ensuring sufficient propane distribution across the state,” the order explains. This measure is designed to mitigate the potential adverse effects of these shortages.

The waiver applies to all levels of roadways within the state, including local county roads, state roads, and interstates. Notably, drivers operating under this order are not required to have a physical copy of the declaration.

This challenge isn’t unique to Indiana. In September, Iowa also issued a proclamation related to the 2023 harvest, suspending specific overweight and permit requirements for agricultural haulers. The order in Iowa has been extended multiple times, most recently on November 9.

Both states’ actions reflect a proactive approach to ensuring the smooth functioning of critical agricultural and heating needs amidst challenging circumstances.

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