Forklift Safety: Vital Practices for Propane Companies

Forklifts are a year-round asset for propane companies, offering customers a versatile and eco-friendly solution. Whether refilling cylinders on-site through cylinder exchange or via office dispensers, propane businesses play a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and integrity of every propane cylinder. Here are the key responsibilities of propane retailers that should never be underestimated:

Forklift Safety Essentials:

1. Training: Handling, refilling, or repairing propane cylinders should be exclusively entrusted to qualified personnel. Comprehensive training should cover Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), cylinder inspection, odor recognition, leak detection, refilling procedures, proper storage, ignition control, the location and use of fire extinguishers, cylinder installation onto and removal from forklifts, and emergency response protocols.

2. Cylinder Inspection: Ongoing monitoring of cylinder conditions, including customer-owned cylinders, is imperative to confirm their fitness for service. Each cylinder should undergo inspection before refilling and once more before installation. Additionally, cylinders must display required markings such as “Flammable,” “Propane,” “No Smoking,” and “Hazmat.” Any defective cylinders should be promptly removed from service.

3. Dispenser Safety: Both motor-driven and gravity-fill units must adhere to code requirements concerning operator training, filling equipment, breakaway fittings, propane and electrical remote closure mechanisms, and appropriate markings (e.g., “Flammable,” “Propane,” “No Smoking,” and “Hazmat”). Regular dispenser inspections and periodic operator refresher training sessions are essential to maintaining safety standards.

Remember to maintain complete records of all training efforts and instill a culture of forklift safety as an unwavering practice. Like that conducted for vehicles, a pre-trip inspection of every forklift must be carried out and meticulously documented. Prioritizing forklift safety ensures a secure and efficient propane-handling environment for everyone involved.

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