Strong Connections: Propane’s Influence on Residential Energy Choices

Homebuilders, renovators, and related building trades significantly shape residential propane usage. Extending this influence to heating and cooling wholesalers, construction equipment rental businesses, and appliance retailers is essential. Maintaining solid relationships with these professionals can make you their go-to energy provider and open doors to diverse propane applications in the construction and residential sectors.

Building Solid Relationships

When you provide exceptional service to builders, they will likely refer you to their clients and recommend you to other builders in your region. This relationship-building hinges on delivering propane service promptly and efficiently to their projects.

Propane Applications in Homes

Ensure propane is a contender for the five primary energy applications within homes.

1. Space Heating: Educate builders about the advantages of high-efficiency propane furnaces or boilers over electric heat pumps for heating homes. Highlight the potential for propane and heat pumps to work together, emphasizing year-round comfort, not just backup heating.

2. Water Heating: Propane offers numerous benefits over electric water heating. Educate builders and contractors about cost savings, space efficiency, increased hot water production, and the environmental advantages of propane water heaters.

3. Cooking: Counteract misconceptions about the impact gas cooking has on indoor air quality. Emphasize the importance of proper kitchen ventilation and the efficiency of gas cooking.

4. Laundry: Promote the advantages of propane clothes dryers over electric models, including faster drying times, fluffier clothes, and cost savings.

5. Hearth: Stay informed about the latest gas fireplace technology to maintain dominance in hearth applications. Propane gas logs or fireplaces often outshine electric versions and burn much cleaner than wood-burning versions.

Outdoor Propane Uses

Don’t overlook the significance of outdoor propane applications. Keep energy choices diverse by discussing propane’s outdoor uses, ensuring that residential energy remains eclectic rather than all-electric.

Staying in touch with builders, contractors, and other industry professionals is crucial for preserving propane’s role in today’s residential energy choices. By educating them about the benefits of propane in various applications, you can continue to influence and shape the residential propane landscape.

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